Portsmouth T45
Portsmouth T45
Portsmouth T45 Perfection Shingles
The gods of hand-split cedar have just smiled upon you. Add rustic dimension to your home with Portsmouth Hand-Split Shakefor an unmistakable "I carved this house out of the woods myself" look. The richly ingrained texture comes in 15 colorsall of which mock the harshest winds and smile back at the sun without fading. Make our Hand-Split Shake the featured exterior on your home or use it in a supporting role to add a dramatic facet to your existing siding.
Product Information
  • Deep rustic grain patterned from real cedar shingles
  • Seamless design
  • No painting. No scraping. Virtually no maintenance
  • Assurance Fastening System for secure, precise installation
  • Superior impact, fade and warp resistance
  • Wind resistant up to 160 mph
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Profiles & Specifications
T45 Perfection Shingles
Available In:
Standard: Sand, White, Sterling, Wicker, Harvard Slate
Premium: Cypress, Pebble Clay

Color Options

Standard Code
Wicker Sand White Sterling Harvard Slate

Cypress Pebble Clay
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